Being Human Sucks: 4 Tips to positively cope with change

Coping with Unexpected Change – 4 Questions to ask yourself

Change, is a powerful word. It seems change appears at the beginning of every year. Sometimes change is in the form of modifying our behavior, and sometimes it’s unwelcome. It can leave us feeling unprepared and tenderly raw and human.

Since midnight struck, in the very moments of the New Year, I’ve noticed many changes among close friends and family. I’ve witnessed the pain and heartache of break-ups, the death of a parent, job loss, trouble with friendships, financial woes, and many other changes unanticipated changes throwing us all off track.

I often say that sometimes being human sucks. So how can you prepare for the human experience of unwelcome change? Here are a few way to explore the change you’re experiencing so you have a more mindful experience processing the change.

A few questions to help you move with change:

1) What would be possible for you if you did not have to deal with this?

2) What does feeling “In the flow” feel like?

3) How might this be happening “FOR YOU” instead of “TO YOU”?

4) What is one small step that will shift your focus on how to move forward with the change to accept it?

Rest knowing you’re not alone in among constant unruly change. Working through change will help you walk toward it more willingly, accepting that it’s a constant part of being human. Change is often a part of life we feel deeply, and taking a moment to allow for change will open space for you to move forward past the sucky part.



Kristin Darga

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