Kristin Darga, CEO

Coach, CEO

Kristin, Founder of Ideal Day Coaching and  Impact Founder ,  works with entrepreneurs who are risking everything for what they believe in, and empowers them to keep persevering when burn out is mounting, ultimately supporting them to continue creating change in the world.

Kristin Darga is a transformational coach who takes entrepreneurs to the next level, guiding and supporting them to break the code of what’s holding them back. She works with her clients to set a foundation to reduce the feelings of failure, unhappiness, isolation, and lack of health and energy. Her clients experience a clearer vision, new energy about life and success.
Through her work, it became apparent that the need for a community where founders could connect and share their stories of success and failures was imminent. When her ex boyfriend almost took his life and she heard about a number of founder suicides last summer, she took action and created Impact Founder, a multi-media movement creating authentic entrepreneurship globally, to prevent more people from resorting to extremes.


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I learned what it was like to be extraordinary and evoke a spirit in me that makes me feel alive, excited about my life and achieving success daily. Discovering that made me want to help other people find what makes them tick,
and create a life that strikes gold.

Kristin Darga - Founder, Ideal Day Coaching & Impact Founder