Advanced CEO



No time to deal with setting up appointments? No problem. Everything in the ScaleUp plus additional bells and whistles AND access to our BEST coaches. We still think you like to be treated like the elite. If you want that, this is your plan.

(up to 240 min per month)

The Advanced CEO includes your choice of rapid and efficient 30 min or full 60 or 90 min in-depth, code breaking sessions with a vetted, qualified and certified personal life coach familiar with entrepreneurship and startups.

∙ Full recording of all sessions
∙ High level notes from your coach
Unlimited Access to your coach via email between sessions.
Dedicated Recurring appointments so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of scheduling.

∙ Additional Coaching sessions at deeply discounted rate
+ $84/hour for extra session
+ $295 /hour for emergency session (48 hour window)